Thursday, March 14, 2013

Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster Returns (2013) - Thriller

I hate trailers: And why I say this is – when you see a movie of this magnitude – it freaking makes no impact on you as almost all the punch lines when in reality delivered in a movie – you end up saying “Yawn Yawn! Hearing this for the 39th time now” – Unfortunately some of the best lines in the movie – which should make you whistle, clap and stand up in love – are already beaten to death in trailers itself – so many times that they don’t even make me smile anymore when I see them on a big screen. This became another of those movies – where in we went with huge expectations, bag and baggage from its prequel and come out half satisfied only – if it wasn’t for Irrfan Khan, Jimmy Shergil and Mahie Gill exactly in the same order – this would be another disaster (for me ofcourse). At best – I will call it a great story told in a fantastic way that’s all (A good drama) – not a thriller and not at all an exciting movie at all – so much so that as we walked out of the theater – very painfully I asked my wife “Would you consider seeing its 3rd part when it comes?” and she gives a faint smile – just to keep my heart and says “Yeah, I may – if only they take Irrfan and Jimmy again”. But I must say this Irrfan Khan is one hell of a guy to watch out for – everything about him is so insanely good that you just cant help but keep falling in love with him again and again. Jimmy Shergil yet again bowled me over with his role – I mean its totally amazing to see him sitting on the wheel chair majority of the time yet totally fantastic. Mahie Gill is superb as the psycho wife – this should be considered one of the best roles done by her in the recent past. Soha Ali is a big miscast – I mean – C’mon, kill me before convincing me that a guy with a wife like Mahie can fall for a girl like Soha. Period. If you like Drama’s check this out – you will love it but if you are expecting a thriller – you will be heartbroken like me for sure. But it does makes up for a damn good one watch – should not be ignored for sure but not a movie that I would love to see it again ever. My rating – a good 3/5 and a thumbs up for sure.

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