Thursday, March 07, 2013

Pitch Perfect (2012) - Musical Comedy

Another damn good musical cum chick flick with some of your all time favorite songs, it almost had all of my favorites from the current as well as by gone era too, was surprised to hear even Madonna’s songs in it. A perfect campus movie talking only about songs and music, friendship and love, a good time pass for sure if you go by no expectations as we did as we had no idea what its all about. Beck (Cute Anna Kendrick) joins a new college unwillingly being forced by her dad, she wants to pursue a career in music joins the college Radio as an intern to start with. While she joins one girly gang in the college – you got to meet hell lots of other cool gangs with their own ideas of superb music and stunts, you’ve got to watch out what they all do to win the coveted trophy at the end of the college in finale. Right from the opening performance of the girls gangs till the very end at the finale it’s a joy ride of sorts especially for those who like dance and music movies and chick flicks. It has so much happening all around that keeps you totally glued and makes you laugh out loud so many times – yeah it drags a little at times too but who cares as far as you get entertained. I totally liked it although there is nothing new in it, was predictable throughout yet it was a great one time watch. I will definitely rate it a good 3/5 especially for playing / performing on some of my favorite numbers and will recommend with two thumbs up rating to all of my music loving friends. Go for it and have a good time.

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