Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Brave (2012) - Animation

I somehow skipped this one even after an Academy Nomination for the Best Animated Film but after reading a friends fantastic review and her kiddo loving it – I had to see this one – doubly glad that I changed my mind as we totally loved the cutie pie with those awesome curls, so much so that it is now going to our permanent collection. Fantastic story, awesome execution, superb cute characters and amazing action, I guess it would be great fun on 3D but we got to see the 2D version which was too good as well. 80 minutes of sheer fun, comedy, adventure and action all in one. Simple story of a young girl pampered by her dad (A King) having differences with her mother, tries to change her mothers thinking with the help of a witch, how she gets cheated and the disaster strikes and how she fights its up to put all back in the normal course is the movie all about. It’s a super roller coaster ride for kids especially with the little princess and her three identical triplet brothers coming to her rescue is totally outstanding. Even the clans are too funny who come to take part in highland games thrown open by the king to complete for young princess’s hand is fantastic. How they all compete and get beaten by the little princess is another superb thing. If you haven’t seen this yet, check it out, not to be missed especially by animation lovers – even otherwise its superb fun. I will definitely rate it a good 3.5/5 and two thumbs up for sure.

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