Thursday, March 07, 2013

Hemingway & Gellhorn (2012) - Biography

What I fail to understand with this kind of a (HBO) movie is two things – one – why would somebody make a movie on one of the most loved American writers Earnest Hemingway and rope in Clive Owen for the lead role and two – why O why in the world – Nicole Kidman will show up for the same movie playing his third wife. I guess am never going to get those answers and the same reasons why I saw this movie in the first place. I guess if this wasn’t made on Hemingway’s life – I am sure I would have liked it as an individual movie made in those “World War” times and would have praised it too. On top of that I am doubly sure Hemingway wasn’t half as crazy as this movie projects him to be and what’s with those seriously offensive sex scenes in this movie? Totally beyond me – anyways western movie stars have no issues in going nude at the drop of a hat but this one beats me with the nudity on display too. 150 minutes long is a little too long for a movie of this magnitude – I somehow sat through it only to criticize here as it offers nothing new – although a good insight on his life but don’t know how much of it is true. One thing that will always stay in my memory is the way he types all those novels and stories in his typewriter with that furious speed high on alcohol especially after a night of rocking fun that too at the dawn, super amazing. It is definitely an underwhelming movie for me and not a recommendation for a regular movie watcher – but if you know anything about the guy and like him – check this out – you may end up liking it. My rating a definite 2/5 and not so great of a biography I will call it.

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