Friday, March 01, 2013

Mai (2013) - Drama

Not every movie is made to entertain the audience but some are made to show them the mirror too and I will call this one as based on the true stories of more then a million households all across the world. This is another movie in the series of the likes of “Baghban” and others based on children and parent relationship. Made by a debutant Director and a fantastic Debut for India’s one of the favorite singers Asha Bhosle at the age of 79, this turns out to be a damn good movie made on the subject. The day I came to know of its making – I knew what will be its fate on the box office but had seriously high hopes from the three leads including Asha Bhosle as Mai, Padmini Kolhapure as her daughter and Ram Kapoor as her son in law, Superb casting. The story is totally apt as per today’s time and I am sure a lot of us would have gone through the same dilemma one time or other. Mai is a mother of four – three daughters and one son, stays with her son who wants to get rid of her in pretext of going to USA and couldn’t take her along as medical cost is too high for her age. As fate had it – her responsibility comes to her eldest daughter who is in fulltime job and has a teenage daughter to take care, with a not so cordial husband. What happen next are anybody’s guess – predictable yet heart wrenching drama with Asha Bhosle doing a superb job – she is simply fantastic and too good in the role of Mai – she moved us big time with her expressions and with someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I will recommend it big time as it’s a great eye opener and a fundoo lesson in learning. It’s a must watch and a definite 3/5 from me. Do not miss it.

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