Friday, March 01, 2013

Red Dawn (2012) - War

Another remake bites dust and what a bit turn off this one turns out to be – I guess this guy Chris Hemsworth is beyond me – so far I am not able to like any of his movies, dunno why, although I am too easy to please type guy – yet he fails to impress me. This one too is a remake of a movie with the same name made in 1984 with one of my all time favorite star Patrick Swayze at the helm of things and was called as bloodiest movie of its own time. Now considering years – in 1984 – Russia invading USA can still be accepted but how about Korea invading USA that too in 2012 – sounds like highly impossible idea and the best part is the control of whole war fare is in a brief case – so to win the war against them all you’ve got to do is get that briefcase and blow it off – simple. Whosoever came out with that idea should be praised big time and should be held responsible for this disaster. A bunch of losers who couldn’t even win a football match are supposed to fight against the Korean Army and how they do it all is there to see in the movie – lead by Chris “The Thor” Hemsworth. Starts well but then in the initial half hour it starts to fall flat and I almost dozed somewhere mid way to end. If you like thrillers give it a miss rather I would rather recommend get the original and enjoy it again. A total let down.

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