Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Late Quartet (2012) - Drama

I was actually looking for Dustin Hoffman’s Directorial debut “Quartet (2012)” and toppled on this one but the moment I saw the casting with couple of my favorite stars – couldn’t resist this one. What a wonderful movie it turns out to be – if you like classical music (Beethoven and co.) – you are going to love this one. The story revolves around a group of Classical musicians playing chamber music and the most important combination of four instruments in chamber music is the string quartet. String quartets most often consist of two violins, a viola, and a cello. After 3000+ concerts together in about 25 years, they are about to part ways due to one of them suffering from Parkinson’s, another having ego issues in being called a second lead and his own marital issues, one of them having affair with another’s daughter. Christopher Walken and Philip Seymour Hoffman are totally rocking in this one as the team mates – solid performances and outburst. And so are Mark Ivanir as the maker and player who has ego clashes with Philip, one more great thing about the movie is that finally Catherine Keener, who we keep seeing in so many movies day in day out gets a damn good role, one that you will notice and remember her for quite a while especially her expressions and frustrations. This movie scores big time on a lot of fronts – for starters its music is too good, chemistry between cast, friendship, betrayal, ego, sacrifice and finally the superb ending. One final performance before bidding it good bye, too good. This movie indeed increases your knowledge about classical movie a bit more and entertains you too big time. If you haven’t seen this yet – go ahead – take a look – I am sure you will love it like I did and will definitely give it a good 3/5 with two thumbs up. A must watch for all classical music lovers – it’s a treat.

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