Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mama (2013) - Horror

Confession / bragging time: I have become such a hardcore movie buff now especially when it comes to thriller and horrors that they hardly scare or move me one bit. Same happened with this movie “Mama” – one of my very good friends whose a tuff nut like me – guess had a great time watching this one and told me that he was actually scared hence I was all excited to catch this as soon as I can. At best I will call this a good thriller which amazingly gave me some good thrills and chills but failed to scare me, not for one moment I was like “Oh my god that was some shit scary scene”. A simple story of a distraught father who kills his business partners and his own estranged wife before taking his two little daughters on a joy ride, crashes the car, they land in a house in the woods with no one to come and no where to go, before he could kills his daughter – he is killed by someone we couldn’t see. Cut to five years later the hunt for the girls is still on – one of their uncle is looking for them, finally they get to the spot – what remains of the girls is one heck of a site and how they are followed by the spirit / ghost or whatever – is one good watch. You’ve got to see it and praise some of its special effects and those shrill scenes but nothing that much scary as you will jump on your seat or go white on your face. I was surprised to see Jessica Chastain playing the character of Annabel (Uncle’s Girlfriend), she looks good but have hardly anything to do in this one. All in all it makes up for a good one time watch but remains another movie which fails to scare me. If you like horror and thrillers – give it a try – you may end up liking it. My ratings – 2.5/5.

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