Friday, March 08, 2013

Rust and Bone (2012) - Drama

Some movies are made in such a way that they touch a chord deep inside you in the very first few minutes and you get totally hooked to them till the very end. This one had that magic effect on me as when I tried it the very first time – I didn’t even know that it was a French movie and in the initial ten minutes there were no dialogues just a scene of an unemployed father Alain (Matthias Schoenaerts) with his five year old son visiting some cross country relative. They are so poor that they try to hitch hike a ride, carries his son on his shoulder when the little one gets tired, finally they take a train ride, have no money, nothing to eat and it was very heartening to see them picking up left over stuff by passengers and eating all that. His sister works as a cashier with a general store and herself isn’t in a very good condition, picking up expired food items from the store and making use of them as they last a couple of weeks longer then their expiry dates. Gets into a job as a bouncer at a local disco and meets Stephanie (Marion Cotillard) who gets brutally beaten up after a scuffle, goes to leave her home and leaves his number with her just in case if she needs any help. Stephanie works at a water park training Whales, meets a freak accident and her life turns upside down. Alain too starts taking part in local illegal kick boxing fights to make some quick money to support his sister and her family. Everyone has their share of hard life and its actually very touching to see them struggle and just when you start thinking that they will be happy and content now – the tragedy strikes. What happens after Stephanie’s accident and how they both come together is the rest of the movie. Its totally amazing and engrossing stuff with so many “Oh My God” moments in it which move you big time and make your heart cry for the characters. Very Inspiring I will say. It’s a must watch for all those who like serious moving movies – you will be totally hooked to it and will love it big time. No wonder it got so many nominations and victories all across. My ratings – a damn good 4/5 and two thumbs up. A must watch for all.

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