Saturday, March 02, 2013

The Girl (2012) - Biography

Alfred Hitchcock is one of my all time favorite Directors – right after watching “"Hitchcock" I came across this one a HBO Film based on him that too with movie “The Birds” in its background – simply couldn’t resist. Although both the movies shouldn’t be compared but comparisons are inevitable but Toby Jones does plays Hitchcock to the best of his capacity yet it’s nothing in front of Anthony Hopkins. Still this one holds pretty good as the premise is different than Hitchcock, there it was “Psycho” here it’s about “The Birds” and his next but the last movie. Both the movies were one of the best made on the subjects so far and ultimate classics – I totally loved them and have lost count long back as how many times I must have seen them. This one is starts right where Hitchcock had left after the grand success of “Psycho” Alfred is looking for another blond for his next venture. That’s when he meets Tippi Hedren (Siena Miller) and hires her for the role. As the image goes – he is again infatuated with Tippi and tries taking her advantage once but since she fights him off – he makes her life hell by putting her patience to test in the making of the movie. Although debatable yet what they have shown in the movie makes up for quite a thriller and a great insight in the life of great Alfred Hitchcock, I don’t care even if half of its isn’t true but the effort of the team must be praised as it’s a superb independent film if may call it that. Keeps the audience totally glued to the narrative and kindda totally loved Toby Jones, Siena Miller and the lady who plays Toby’s wife in the movie. The whole setting of the 70’s and the making of the movie is quite a fundoo stuff. In comparison to “Hitchcock” which released in the same year – this isn’t that great but still works because of the premise. If you have seen “The Birds” – do not miss this – chances are you will love it as I did. My ratings – a good 3/5 and two thumbs up for sure.

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