Friday, March 01, 2013

Zila Ghaziabad (2013) - Thriller

Zila Ghaziabad – the so called based on true story of 80’s and 90’s is such a bad movie that it creates another example in “how not to make a movie” – Oh My God. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it in full – somehow with that kind of casting – how can movies like these get made. I am sure the Director of this movie saw movies like “Omkara” and latest “Rowdy Rathore” – jumbled it up with a Gangwar in the background. Rope in some idle sitting stars from Bollywood and put them all in one movie. I mean the delight on Vivek Oberoi’s face is something you should watch out for – he simply couldn’t stop smiling, even in the serious scenes his expressions were like “See I got a movie, finally” that too with Sanju Baba and Arshad Warsi in it. Finally someone made a movie with Sanjay Dutt doing “Rohit Shetty” stunts – throwing people around like match sticks, why should only Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan have all the fun, he too can do the same and do it in style. Not one but they had to do two item numbers to keep the audiences glued and trust me – none of them works, barring the title track – there is nothing much you take home once you walk out of the theater. The less said about their acting the better – it totally confuses you with what is the purpose of this movie? it doesn’t entertain you one bit, has no message whatsoever and what it shows isn’t even true – the exaggeration is way too over board then how it all would have happened. I wasn’t even hopeful of a miracle in this one but couldn’t ignore it for sure with two of my favorites in one, hence the outcome. Ignore if you haven’t seen it – there is nothing that you are missing. At best I will rate it 1/5 and a total mess.

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