Saturday, March 02, 2013

Stolen (2012) - Action

Another run of the mill action movie which proves yet again that these ageing stars need to read the script first before signing and putting another dud against their almost finished career. I know those are some real harsh words written by me but unfortunately being a big big fan of Nicholas Cage for so many years – my heart cries to see him in back to back similar movies again and again and again – C’mon man, stop signing these craps. It’s such a cliché plot and had such a “been there done that a million times” feel to it that I could almost predict the very next scene without any problem. Heist gone wrong, a partner taking revenge, kidnapping of a family member, another theft to pay the ransom, take FBI for a joy ride, rob a bank, kill the bad guy and live happily ever after. WTF! No point discussing it any further – it’s another movie which should have never seen the day light unfortunately it does and sinks without a trace. Nicholas had a tuff time shooting for it and that’s visible in the scenes as he simply couldn’t run – looks so tired throughout and I am totally bored of seeing movie after movie which prove that a tom dick and harry thief of US is smarter than FBI guys – it’s a cake walk for him to solve a kidnapping case in like 12 straight hours without any help from anybody – Bingo! If you haven’t seen it – don’t even think about it and if you did already – please let me know your thoughts on the same. My rating 1/5. Ignore big time.

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