Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rajdhani Express (2013) - Thriller

OK – forgive me for watching this – but what to do, I was too curious to see one my favorite tennis star Leander Paes making a movie debut. WOW – What a disaster of the first order this movie is – with no head and tail whatsoever. Trust me – I am not exaggerating in saying this – if you put 4 total strangers from different walks of life in a Rajdhani Express’s 1st AC compartment and shoot what they do for the first three hours – it will make a better movie than what they made in the name of a Socio Political Drama – My Foot. Yikes!! And what the heck is that punch line – “Rajdhani Express – Point Blank Justice”. This movie in the first place – should have never got made. Ignore it like a plague – Obviously – you have already done that but skip it even if it comes on TV someday which isn’t a remote possibility.

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