Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baishe Srabon (2011) - Bengali Movie

I have seen quite a few movies of Prasenjit in last couple of months and I must tell you - what a fab actor he is. I wonder why he never came to bollywood. I'm totally bowled over the movies he has done and this one isn't an exception - Superb.

A damn good psychological thriller. I bet you will not be able to predict the story line and the ending is god damn stunning. Just when I started thinking that this is going to be another run of the mill drama cum thriller - it shocks you.

Parambrat the good cop is handling a case of serial murders in city where the killer leaves poems near the dead body. Parambrat is the same guy who played the helping cop in "kahaani". His boss is another damn good cop - if you remember the guy who helps rani in "no one killed jessica". Since they are not able to solve the mystery they need help from another eccentric cop played by Prasenjit. Whose reputation is very bad and is already suspended cause of his bad behavior.

How these guys solve the mysterious murderers case is outstanding. They are helped a little by parambrats girl friend played by gorgeous raima sen. I bet you wudnt have seen her in this kindda role ever - she is fuming hot in this one.

They indeed solve the case but the murderer commits suicide exactly as they realize he should. And they couldn't stop him on time. But the question remains why did he kill all those people and was he the real killer or some one framed him?? Right where you think its ending it isn't. You gotta watch it to know the real mystery.

A must must watch for all thriller lovers.
This will make you happy for sure.
Its a little slow in treatment and have a parallel plot of parambrat and his girl friend too but its a fresh breeze :).
Two nice songs too are thrown in between.
You will not regret :).
Go ahead - take a look.

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