Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Housefull 2 (2012) - Hindi Movie

My movie freak daughter comes to me and declares that we have to see housefull as a friend of her saw it already and she told her that its a great movie with a snake biting john abraham's hand and another crocodile biting ritesh's bum :).

On top of that it happens to be a tuesday :). Vodafone gives you a ticket on every ticket booked FREE FREE FREE. So we the gang of 10 saw the movie at cost of 5 - isn't that a good enough reason to watch this one :).

As usual its a mindless comedy yet again from Sajid Khan and Co. He has actually got the pulse of public and he actually knows what they want. A total time pass stuff with every one running helter skelter. So many characters thrown in that before even start thinking of one focus shifts on another one and you forget the first one. Four guys with four girl friends with four dads. More confusion, couple of songs in between, lost and found on an island. Some jokes. Some flash backs. Old friends. Sworn enemies. Some hot chicks. Friends again. An item number. Everybody married. End of the story.

All you get is - two hours of laughing out loud kids. Repeating some marathi gujarati sindhi and some aaye aaye from akshay kumar. Hope they do not remember those swear words for long :).

Watch it if you like mindless comedies. It starts from nowhere and goes nowhere. But it will surely make you laugh. You may notice a lot of flaws but who cares once the whole concept is flawed. Like the one point which bothered me a couple of times was - they are in london but whenever rishi or randheer kapoor dream - they dream in $$$$ :). I guess sajid cudnt find the pound sign or thought crown may not get the joke anyways. LOL. Mithunda shooting 10 bullets out of a double barrel gun :D.


Vishal Kale said...

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Rohit said...

Thanks vishal bro :).
I'm glad to be here finally.