Saturday, April 14, 2012

Head VS Heart!!

My head is fighting with my heart for quite a while now. Over something I am not able to take a decision. Heart says "go ahead dude. Big deal?? You can do it. You are going to love it. Why keep thinking? Get it. You can. You should. Why not?". Head says "are you nuts? Gone bonkers?? You don't need it. It aint for you man. Forget it".

Now how hard it is to bloody come to a conclusion? How hard it is to do something I love doing? Not that I haven't done it in the past or don't have time to do it anymore or I can't afford to do it. Whatever!!

I have this close friend of mine who keeps telling me that his passion is driving but it has taken a backseat since money making has become more important in life right now than pursuing your passions. I guess the last time he drove a car was with me. When I had to rush on a family emergency and I cudnt do 1200 kms trip alone. He proved his driving skills and turned out to be a damn good driver. The only thing is - he neither has time nor inclination to go anywhere. Works seven days a week :( poor soul.

I have this another friend who claims that he is very passionate about movies but if you ask him "which movie you saw last?" And he will go on a deep thinking mode before replying :).

How do you define passion?
Something that you really love doing but can't? Or something that you love and keep doing irrespective of whatever comes your way? So if you can't do something you love but have no time - can you still be called passionate about it? I guess so.

We are all humans after all.
We think more than we can actually do. I feel we all fill our plates more than we can actually eat. I realized the same about good 8 years back and since then has put it on right track - so I feel. It simply feels great to do something I actually love and feel like doing. But its just a little hard at times ;). Like right now when I am undecided about the decision I need to take. I may or may not but most probably I will. Its just WHEN?? Which is the bigger question. Soon - is what my heart says and never is what my head says. Let's see who wins in the end.

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