Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hate Story (2012) - Hindi Movie.

Hate Story (2012): It should be called a perfect coming of age movie for Indian Cinema. We have come too far from those "two flowers touching each other" on screen to two naked bodies actually making out and censor board has finally grown adult and passed it. Kudos and full marks to them. When Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone and almost every other babe of hollywood can go bare and do what we would dream to see on screen - why not an Indian movie and actress?? This movie is an answer to that - only if it was made a little intelligently. But wait, am I complaining?
Its a must watch for all thriller and erotic movie lovers. A damn good, one time watch with some real good masala thrown in. Paoli is sure hot and she knows what she is doing, definitely going places. Gulshan Deviaya has already impressed us in his last couple of movies, plays perfectly the role of a shrewd son of an industrialist - no one messes with him. Nikhil Dwivedi plays his real life in this one too, a loser who gets nothing rather becomes a laughing stock - you gotta see public reaction to know what I am talking about.

Vivek Agnihotri the director had surely learn the lesson with his two earlier disasters (chocolate and dhan dhana dhan goal) and leaves no stone unturned with this one to impress one and all. We should not get into the details and nitty gritties of the characters rather sit back and enjoy the revenge drama as it unfolds. When we leave our brains home - always for those mindless comedies. We can do that again for this one too.
Movie starts with a sting operation done by an investigative journalist - kavya played by paoli who exposes gulshan's company to the world. He takes a revenge on her by first impressing her then fucking and dumping her for revenge. His best line "no one fucks with me and I fuck everybody" something like that. She hits back as she is too smart to take it easily and takes her revenge by screwing him "brick by brick" as she claims it. She uses everybody for her revenge from his partners, cops, and evrybody else who can help her. Her boy friend nikhil does nothing but sleep walks, grows a bonzie plant and just smiles. The ending is a little tragic but don't worry guys she will come back for the sequel for sure ;).

Some important scenes which are like highlight of the move: There is this scene when paoli is fucking a guy and transferring data between two smart phones at the same time. I wonder what software did she use where you actually see data going from left to right from original and left to right on the oncoming phone. Wow. Unique I must say.

Then there is this guy who keeps all the critical data on his phone. So critical that his company can be screwed by simple data copying. Indeed a first in any movie.
What's with her crying? She is so god damn loud while crying and weird that you actually laugh when she cries that too twice.

Some one really needs to explain me the scam that they unearth in the last about cement company, importing of "plants" and power bills :O. Another unique from all standards.

Then there is this scene - during their "investigative journalism" Nikhil takes some close up snaps of a non existent factory - but you should see the camera and lense he is using - I'm sure it will make a professional photographer laugh so hard that they will fall of their seats.
There are so many never seen scenes in the movie, that you actually gasp and do not believe your eyes that you are actually seeing them. Check out the movie to know what I am talking about. Its actually very bold on their part to do that.

Do not miss it at any cost. I would say rather wait for the director's cut DVD as that would surely make an interesting watch with all the dozen choppings back made by our censors ;). Its a good one time watch.