Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) - Korean Movie.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002) - Korean Movie: First of the series and I must say its equally good like the other one "Sympathy for lady vengeance". A simple story of a deaf and mute guy and his sister told in a heart touching manner. Most of the movie is a visual treat with almost no dialogues and it isn't even required as the sequences tell you so much about the story that you need not someone to say anything.

I am totally in love with this guys movies and hooked to them big time. What a damn good story teller he is. A must watch for all drama / serious movie lovers. Its an experience that you must have.
Its a story of a deaf and mute guy and his sister and their struggle for daily life in not so long ago Korea. She wants him to be an artist and works to fulfill their dream but fate had something else in store for them as she falls seriously sick. Brother starts working in a iron factory double shifts to make the ends meet. How he goes thru his work and shifts is heart wrenching to see. Still its tough for them to survive on the income and on top of that she needs a kidney transplant at the earliest which is way too expensive.

He loses his job in the meantime. Tries to sell his own kidney to make some money and is duped. He loses his own and gets no money. The only good thing in his life is his girl friend who suggests and makes a plan to kidnap his X boss's friends daughter. They are quite rich so they won't have problem paying the ransom. The plan goes well and they successfully kidnap the girl and even extract the money too but as he returns home he realizes that his sister comes to know of the kidnapping and commits suicide. He goes to bury her body and takes the kidnapped girl along as she too becomes quite friendly with him. While he buries his sister the girl falls in the canal and dies too as he couldn't hear a noise being deaf.

There is a scene where the kidnapped girl comes in her fathers dream rather he feels as if she has returned. He hugs her and she asks him "daddy why didn't you teach me swimming early?". It had me smiling with tears in my eyes. It had that innocence about it even her dad smiles and regrets his mistake. This movie reminded me big time of "Life is Beautiful".

Finally, they are traced by the girls father and they too trace the gang who duped them for kidney. And the revenge both the parties take from their enemies is earth shattering and gross to say the least. But because of the reason behind you actually do not feel bad for the victims.

You see a lot of cutting, chopping, stabbing, blood spurting out scenes in the movie. A cute love story too between the couple. His girl friend is really beautiful and smart too. The final showdown of the two guys is totally awesome. The way they go around looking for each other for revenge, wait for each other and the final moment - mind blowing stuff. It isn't made for the faint hearted.

Its a must watch for all thriller lovers. You must have seen a lot of similar movies but this isn't run of the mill stuff but unique. I totally loved and will recommend the others from the series too like "Old boy" and "Revenge for lady vengeance".

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