Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Straw Dogs (1971)

I have always been a Dustin Hoffman fan, somehow missed his some earlier ventures including this one. Since its remake released last week - I thought of seeing the original first and see how the current one does.

Now after watching this one - I have no hopes from its remake - I am sure it wont even be half as good as this one is.

This is one of the best psychological thriller I have seen in quite some time. The start is such slow and lazy but beautiful that you just cant help but fall in love with the characters of Dustin and his wife. While they move to their farm house and a contract is given for its repairs and upgrade. The guys who they have hired start taking them for a ride. They kill their cat and hang her in their wardrode, David (Dustin) tries to be friendly with them. His wife gets raped by one of them, Now that rape scene was shot in such a way thats hard to explain - even when the movie was released it was debated bigtime was called Pekinpah's debasement of women - All I can say is that it isnt for the faint hearted - if you know what I mean. And then the revenge that David takes from this guy - is just unbelievable. The last one hour of the movie - you will be sitting on the edge of your chair and will cheer david in reality to do what he is doing. Although the kind of character he has underplayed - you never believe the going on - but its ultimate and quite satisfying.

It is actually old school action / thriller that you will remember for quite some time.
I am now looking forward to the remake to see how good it is.
A must must watch for all Thriller / Action lovers - I am sure you have not seen something like this earlier.

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