Friday, April 20, 2012

Riding solo to the top of the world (2006)

Riding solo to the top of the world (2006): A guy and his bike a royal enfield named "Loner" on a ride to the top of the world Leh Laddakh and beyond it. Do I need say more about this? That one line is more than enough a reason for anybody who is passionate about riding a bike. One of the most cherished and dreamed location of world by anyone loving riding or driving. A big big hug and thanks to my friend Nishant Jha who himself is a big roadie and has done the same ride on his royal enfield (the mighty one) Cause of him I got this.

I myself have been dreaming, planning, looking forward to go there for last couple of years. Couple of my very close friends have been there multiple times. And the experiences that they have shared are simply outstanding, mind blowing, breathless to say the least.
Gaurav Jani started this journey alone on his bike with a load of around 300 kgs from mumbai to leh laddakh to chumru (the last riding point) and back. Unbelievable stuff!! An outstanding journey of 50 days. He was the one man crew who shot the video, voice over and even the still photography. And what you see onscreen is simply outstanding and heart warming stuff. Pause the movie anywhere and it works like a perfect screensaver. At times you feel - you are actually seeing a screensaver with only a biker moving in the image and rest of it all is just a still frame.

Just imagine how he captured himself onscreen with no help whatsoever from anyone? He will find a location first, fit the camera on a tripod, set the film rolling, get in the frame with all the load on his bike, complete the shot, come back again and pick up the camera :). Can you believe that?? I could not - till saw it in real. He did that throughout his journey and its something that I fail to put it in words here. Its like seeing your own dream fulfilled but by somebody else.

He meets so many people, travels to breathtaking locations, crosses all the hurdles nature can throw on a man's way. Yet! He reaches the top of the world and its simply outstanding the way it all ends. In the end he actually realizes that he has explored a new himself in the journey and his life will never be same again.
Amazing is his journey and the people he meets on the way. Their life styles. The way he becomes friendly with them and adjusts according to the life. Experiences it for a short while before moving to another location. Every step is a new learning for him and an experience of a life time for us too.

I am sure you would have seen so many similar stories on National Geographic but this is an out of this world experience as they were all well equipped teams with extra ordinary preparations but what you see here is simply one mans fight and achievement.

Its a must must watch for all.
Even if you don't ride or drive - you will love it for the feel and life changing experience it gives you.
Do not miss it at any cost.

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