Saturday, April 28, 2012

North Country (2005)

North Country (2005): I totally love the "based on true story" movies. As usually they are made with heart more than head. Same is the case with this one. Based on the real life accounts of women mine workers from a small town of minnesota. This is one fantastic effort of putting the plight of working women in an iron mine in late 80's.
One hell of a movie with a star cast that you just cannot ignore. Imagine beautiful Charlize Theron supported by Woody Harrelson, Sean Bean in his restrained best with a fundoo wife whose name I keep missing (Frances Mcdormand). Richard Jenkins who plays Charlize's dad is an amazing actor too. Have seen him in so many good movies with best being (the Visitor). Its totally a must watch for all as you have so much to learn and take back home.

The aerial camera captures the beauty of Minnesota so damn well that you just gasp. The first shot when she packs up all her stuff in her truck and goes off to her parents place. The drive is so scenic that it makes you think - why is there so much pain in such a beautiful world. The mine blasting sequences, gigantic trucks driven by females and those killer huge cranes / JCB machines are a sight to behold. Scene where the women arrive in mine in their regular clothes and change into their mining uniform followed by end of the shift when you again see them dancing in the bar - are just awesome.

Movie starts with Charlize leaving her abusive husband. Her truck loaded with stuff and two kids on board, she drives to her parents place - a sleepy town in minnesota. Meets her old buddies and gets into a mining factory as that's the only job available there and they started hiring females recently. As expected women to men ratio is very low - the year still being mid to late 80's and no special benefits thrown in for women. They go through the same routine like the male counterparts plus the music and abuse they had to faces from the men. There was no sexual abuse law in place hence they couldn't even complain. What they go throw cause of that is something which moves you inside out. I'm sure the reality would be way too brutal than what we see in the movie. Charlize tries to fight back her respect after being abused in life earlier and that's all the movie talks about.

Its a mind-blowing drama and such an emotional ride. Movie starts with a courtroom drama and the flashes of her earlier life are shown. This is one court case which is going to change it all. You see the whole town in the courtroom. She fights everybody from her school time buddies, co-workers and bosses for her self respect and women's rights. Her journey through the tough times is very enlightening and emotional. The way she breaks up, have differences with her teenage son, friends walk out on her too, no one to support, no job. Its so much happening at the same time. Kudos to the director for capturing exact emotions and to the whole team to live the real drama. Even the support cast works so well that you have a connect with them.

Everything is so good about this one and a special mention is required for its damn good background score. You have some real good country music thrown in - which goes so well with the mood of the movie. Totally loved those songs. OST is a definite download once you are done with the movie.

A damn good movie for those low times when you feel everything is lost - it will cheer you up and motivate you big time. Not to be missed specially if you like this genre and even otherwise.

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