Monday, April 30, 2012

The Trip (2010).

The Trip (2010): If you are a roadie or a foodie or a movie freak - you are going to like it. And if you are all of them than this is a KICK ASS movie. I am anyways a little biased towards british movies cause of their awesome accent and their attention to detail way of doing things. As per me, they are best when it comes to describing a situation, scene, place, beauty or for that matter anything. Totaly loved it.

It is mostly two friends, Steve and Rob on a road trip, Steve needs to write reviews on a series of Restaurants. His girlfriend plans the whole trip and she herself moves to US, hence he had to take his friend Rob along. It turns out to be a joy ride for us audience, as they just chill eating those mouth watering dishes throughout their way, visiting some gorgeous locations. Talking about everything under the sun. Mostly about their favorite movie actors and mimicking them.

They set off on their road trip from london on Steve's Range Rover. Stopping every night at a new place, checking out the menu and eating their best dishes one by one. The best thing I liked about the movie is their discussions. They just talk about everything. Like dialogue delivery of Michael Caine, Al Pacino, Robert DiNero, Dustin Hoffman, Sean Connery, Roger Moore and so on. The way they deliver their legendary dialogues again and again, competing with each other as who does best - is simply awesome.

The movies and the dialogues they deliver are mostly pretty famous stuff and you actually know what they are talking. In the background we see so many dishes being made for them. The preparation, the serving and then finally Steve and Rob eating them all. It made me hungry in the middle of the night and I actually had to pause the movie to get something to eat.

Those long country roads and they driving their Range Rover from one point to another is simply damn good. Beautiful locales captured so well. So many times you just feel you are simply looking at a still shot or a painting. Other than just eating and talking they visit so many places connected with history. Continuously both were in touch with their girl friend and wife respectively. Steve is shown even sleeping with two of the waitresses during his stay in two places. Rob keeps talking to his wife now and then as they have an infant too.

Their heart to heart talk is something pretty light and entertaining. They just never get serious at all. While visiting a graveyard - Steve tells Rob, what is he going to say in his speech on his funeral whenever he dies and to top it all even Rob gives him some pointers like what all he should add. During one of their brisk evening walks they go to one of the damn good locations near a water fall and Steve goes for a little tracking and climbs a huge lime stone - the shot in here is simply mind blowing to say the least.

On the last day of their trip, they even visit Steve's parents and he even speaks to his son on phone very briefly. Even the dreams that Steve sees every night are too funny. One night Ben Stiller comes in his dream as his agent and tells him that Coen Brothers, Wachowski Brothers and even Ridley Scott and Tony Scott wants to make movie with him :).

Its a damn good one time watch. Makes you laugh out loud so many times and you so much connect with them and their mimicry. Its a total fun watch.

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