Monday, April 16, 2012

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)

One of the best revenge movies I ever saw. Its a part of korean revenge trilogy incluing "old boy" (zinda in hindi) and "sympathy for Mr vengeance".

What an amazing movie.
It was beyond my imagination and expectations. Even after watching Old Boy unfortunately I could not predict what was in store for me in this one hence end up being surprised and loving it even more than I would have otherwise.

Its based on the life of a lady who was wrongly convicted of a kidnap and murder of an infant. She serves 13 years in prison for a crime she never committed. While in prison she plots the whole revenge - one step at a time. Helps all her inmates with their problems in prison and later uses them in her revenge. The way she traces the real kidnapper / killer and takes a revenge is simply outstanding. She even traces her own daughter and catches up with her too who is now adopted by an australian family.

The way she approaches the killer, confronts him, finds out about the affected families, meets with all of them and even gives them a fair oPportunity to take the revenge for their kidnapped and murdered kids is mind blowing. It isn't made for the faint hearted as some killing, cutting, chopping scenes are too chilling and gory to say the least. But its done in such a convincing way that you actually feel fine with the way she does it. In the end all you can do is sympathize for her character.

Its a must watch for all thriller / revenge movie lovers.
I haven't seen a better movie on the subject in a long time.
Going to catch the third of the series soon.
It was an amazing experience.
Do not miss it.

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