Friday, April 20, 2012

The Darkest Hour (2012).

Another run of the mill action cum science fiction which could have been so good but still quite an entertainer. A new type of aliens strike but this time for a change in Russia :). They eat up all the power and are here to collect minerals from earths core. In case you come in contact with them - you will be turned into dust And there is no escape as they almost kill every one in Moscow.

The good part of the movie is its almost an unknown caste and hence you have no expectations from anyone. But the dude who plays lead almost looks like the younger leonardo dicaprio and even copies his facial expressions, hair and body language. Girls are just about average and I specially liked that russian chick - she was good.

They even made some good looking aliens a totally new concept. Quite impressive. And those devices they make half the way to kill em are good too. What a way to use the microwave waves. Hiding behind the glasses, underwater, shooting them with bazooka's and all is quite good. At one moment you actually start liking but again its a predictable fare.

Its a nice one time watch as its hardy 100 minutes with some good graphics and visual effects. Can definitely be seen once and forgotten.
Check it out if you like science fictions.

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