Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blood Money (2012) - Hindi Movie

What a disaster. One of my favorite actors of the newer generation Kunal Khemu wasted so royally by the makers. Just by changing his names spelling they thought it is going to work with freaking no script and story to tell why O why - they make these disasters. Guys like the director of this one should stick to idiot box and they will seriously earn big buck but MOVIES???

And I'm big time seriously angry with those dick heads (pardon my french) who had the guts of comparing this good for nothing movie with the likes of "blood diamond" and "the firm". Did you guys even see those movies dude??? Its an outright insult to those movies.

Imagine this: an apna mumbai dude goes to cape town to make it big, sings a love song with his gorgeous wife at 5 best spots of the city as cinematographers job too is to be justified. Soon to be followed by three sad songs thrown in the back ground. C'mon they hired a music director too - you see??

A damn good love making scene shot in blue with VJ Mia and Kunal as she was paid too and Kunals well chiseled body how can they ignore as that wud have made for a good poster.

Now kill me for this one: this dude goes for the most important deal of his life :) in a 7 seater air craft which I assume is a chartered flight. Goes to some location to angola in jeeps with loaded air craft shooters, guns and mortars (again they wud look damn thrilling in posters). He goes to meet a terrorist who has set up an office on some river side and guess what?? Villagers are actually shown extracting diamonds from river by those sieves (chhanni) and he kills one for hiding a diamond on his body - if this wasn't enuff our guy buys a diamond from him and in lieu gives him 6 AK47s, a million dollar cash and a box full of bullets. And guess what he didn't even know that he brought all that from cape town :). One more thing - on his way back he was shown waiting in the airport for his "handbag" to arrive on a conveyor belt.

I wish I could kidnap the whole staff of vishesh films and bhatts, lock them up in a theater to watch this and ask them in the end - how was it??
A royal ignore is expected from all.
I sat thru this for kunal and his beautiful wife as he is anyways jobless.
You don't do that for no reason :).

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