Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Straw Dogs (2011)

What a fantastic thriller this turned out to be. Sometimes you end up loving a movie just because you have no expectations from its cast and crew and it turns out to surprise you big time. This was one of those movies - I had no clue whatsoever of the director or his team and it was indeed a damn good watch. Thanks to my friends who recommended this one.

Its a simple story yet told in a kickass way - Husband and wife move to a small town in Missisippi. David is a hollywood writer and is working on couple of things - he needs peace to concentrate so they shift to his wife's fathers farmhouse. Hire a couple of locals to fix the roof of old house. One of the guy turns out to be his wife's X flame :). These guys start bullying them around over petty things - its a must watch how they take it on them and never get agitated till the wife confronts her husband and tells him to take a stand. He in place tries to befriend them by going on hunting with them, they take him for a ride and dodge him, wife gets raped by her own x boy friend rather she gets raped twice as his friend sees him raping her and takes the opportunity of jumping in - that particular scene was so cold that it got me thinking big time - how sadistic one can be.

If not for the his attitude and the onscreen villainy - you would surely be in love with the guy who plays negative - I was actually in double minds and wished he wasnt that bad. He is totally cool.

Now the thing you need to watch out is the climax - the whole 45 minutes is earther shattering action - I was hooked to it and was almost on the endge of my seat watching it. Lethal - Fundoo - Kickass - still you love it totally as they deserve what he does to them.

A damn good action thriller which you will not be able to forget for quite a while.
Do not miss this at any cost.
It is indeed a great watch.

Comparison with its Original of same name release in 1971 with Dustin Hoffman in lead: I mean c'mon - comparison is inevitable when it comes to remake - but if you believe me, I gave the older one a good 4/5 and this one is indeed atleast a great 3/5. The couple of things I didnt like is the main lead - that guy never looks vulnerable and his wife is not half as beautiful as was Dustin Hoffmans.
Rest almost its same movie with a fresh treatment.
But nevertheless - its damn good at that.

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