Monday, April 16, 2012

Before Sunet (2004)

I had to see this immediately after I saw "Before Sunrise" where both the leads meet in a train, fall in love and separate with a promise to meet again in six months on the same day at the same place. Obviously they don't meet and go on with their lives.

This one starts 9 years later. Jesse has become a successful writer and has written a book on their one day together in vienna. He is on his way to US after doing the trip of Europe and his last stop was paris where he is talking to journalists about his book. To his and our surprise he sees Julie lokking at him and smiling. Again their meeting after 9 years is time constrained and he has to take a flight back in couple of hours.

They meet and catch up on lost time and we realize that they have moved on. He is a writer, married with a kid. She is an environment advocate with a boy friend. Both are way too unhappy in their respective lives and crave for each other. That one night in vienna has changed and affected their lives big time.

You are actually hooked big time to this one too as they seem so perfectly fit and made for each other yet they just couldn't do it. You just get swept in their conversation totally and the paris just happens by in background. As expected they end it to your imagination. You've got to see it to believe it.

I'm sure they will be coming out with a third part some time soon to end our guessing :). Its such a beautiful movie again that makes you think and take stock of your own life. There is so many ways that it cud have ended. Let's see where it goes from here.

Its a must watch for all drama cum romantic from heart lovers.
I'm waiting eagerly for the final part.
Hope they make it soon.

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