Monday, April 16, 2012

Death Note: Live Action Movie (2006)

Imagine what would you do - if you get a notebook where you write anyone's name with their image in mind and they die immediately of a heart attack? Or you write a specific note like how where and when somebody should die and it comes true?  Our protagonist in this movie gets this notebook out of nowhere and he starts killing all the convicted, non convicted or criminals who are being tried in the court of law. He starts killing people left right and centre from all across the globe in quest of making the planet more safer starting from japan where he himself is based with his dad a super cop and his family.

He is a regular college going kid with a very sharp mind. He himself wants to become a detective.  Parallely there is this super detective too named "L" who nobody has seen but widely respected. He talks to cops via his laptop and solves the cases in blink of an eye. He is behind this dude too and pretty sure of solving the mystery as our hero too is hell bent on killing L as soon as he can.

The cat and mouse game between these two fantastic guys is simply superb. With some hot chicks in leather pants and short skirts thrown in between ;). Some real good chase scenes make it more thrilling. And how can I forget to mention the reaper who comes with the notebook and is only visible to the dude who uses the notebook. He is a winged funny looking devil kindda character who just floats and flies all the time. He eats only apples :).

Its a fantastic detective cum thriller with so much going on at the same time. One of the best things about this movie is its subtitles :). I mean imagine subtitles appear anywhere, sometimes on bottom of screen, sometimes on top of middle of screen or anywhere but that surprisingly doesn't hamper the view rather feels more convenient. And whenever that reaper speaks they appear highlighted and in blue color :).
Its a damn good thriller.

Not to be missed specially those who love detective movies.
You will love to see the guy who plays "L".
Do not miss this.
I'm eagerly waiting to get the second part to see how it all ends.

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