Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Grey (2012).

I simply love those movies which are based on a "Man's will to survive" and this one was exactly that. What a fantastic movie and what mind blowing performance by one of my favorite actors Liam Neeson. A must watch for all thriller lovers.

I seriously wonder he hasn't got an Oscar yet. Even after so many mind blowing performances and after having such a great resume in hollywood. He is a wonderful actor to watch. I'm sure all his characters are written by keeping his personality in mind. As he always speaks so little yet expresses a lot more. One hell of an amazing guy he is. I was happy to learn that Michael Bay who made transformers told his team to take inspiration from Liam Neeson for Optimus Prime's body language :). Now that's an achievement and when I think back of the movie it amazes me more.

Liam Neeson works with a oil drilling company in Alaska. And on his last day of job he writes a note to his wife who had left him long ago that he is committing suicide but I guess destiny had some other plans for this guy. As he is awaken by a wolf attacking his team and he shoots the wolf and joins his team for a flight back home.

He is shown reading that note again while on flight and as his co passenger starts irritating him - he keeps the note on his front seat pocket and sleeps. He is awaken by wild turbulence of the air craft and what we see next is a mind blowing plane crash in the centre of nowhere. Shockingly only 7 people survive the crash including Neeson. They start looking for food, guns and whatever they can to survive till the help arrives or they reach somewhere safe. While searching he finds his gun which is broken and the note too which he wrote to his wife.

Here onwards its a tale of their survival and fight for life. You get to see them fight everybody including wolves, grizzly bears, wild dogs, killing chilling weather, scary nights windy days. Its a mind blowingly shot movie. I always wonder even after watching so many movies - how do they get to find so damn good locations. Never seen before stuff yet so engrossing and giving chills down my spine by just looking at them.
Its an amazing story of a mans will power. I was so touched to see their efforts. The ending too is heart wrenching. Throughout the time you keep guessing and every moment you see death approaching them.

Its a must watch for action thriller lovers and trust me - you will not forget it for quite some time.
Do not miss it at any cost.

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