Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today's Special (2009)

Today's Special (2009): Another run of the mill comedy cum drama based on experiences of a sous chef. He works with a big new york based restaurant but isn't very happy with his job. He wants to learn french cooking but destiny had some other plans for him as his dad falls sick and he has to take care of his indian restaurant. How he overcomes it is what the movie is all about.

Its a damn nice one time watch for amazing chemistry of naseeruddin shah with asif mandvi the chef. Its a must for all foodies specially. I was actually very hungry by the time it ended.

Asif Mandvi works in an upmarket new york restaurant and he is damn good at his job but cause of his frustrating boss he quits his job and plans to move to paris to do internship with a french chef and learn french cooking. As he breaks this news to his parents - his father gets a heart attack.

His life changes upside down and his plans go for a toss as he has to support his family and take care of his dads sinking indian restaurant which was really in a bad shape. He meets a taxi driver - Naseeruddin Shah on his way home, who happens to be a damn good cook back home in India some decades back. As the need of hour was a good cook - he ends up hiring him for his restaurant as he had hardly any knowledge of Indian dishes.

Their interaction is the high point and the best part of the movie. It becomes a life changing experience for him and it does changes his life for good. The preparation, dishes that they make, firing of old team, upgrading the restaurant, hiring of new team, new menu and finally the success. Its such a nice pace that you actually remain hooked for the most part. Although its predictable but never boring. Quite a nice one time watch.

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