Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jalsaghar (The Music Room 1958) - Bengali Movie

Fourth movie of satyajit ray depicting the life and times of a Landlord for whom music and passion was above his family and business.

Story of the Landlord from riches to rags. Attention to detail is something which amazed me in this movie yet again. Made in mid 50's. Awesome is the word when you see the maharaja in his full style with his music room bustling with so many followers and activities at his cost. He is totally in it even when the floods are destroying his lands. Loses everything cause of his careless attitude. He even loses his wife and only son in a boat accident which finally shoots him down. Still he can't standby people overlooking him as a loser.

The final moments of his life are heart wrenching to say the least. The way he loses everything - self included. Its painful to see him wasting his life and coming to this unfortunate end.

Kudos to satyajit ray to depict it in such a lively way.
Total amazing work.
You even have a live performance by the great Begum Akhtar and a full bloom kathak performance in the end.
Its a must watch for all classic movie lovers.
Totally engrossing and an eye opener of sorts.

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