Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shame (2011).

Shame (2011): As the poster says it was indeed the most "provocative and compelling film of the year". No doubt on that. Not at all for the faint hearted types cause of the nudity and its gross nature. Its on your face - reality as it should be. As real as it could get and kudos to director and michael fassbender for living that character on screen. You actually feel for him but just can't help. The best thing I like about movie is that it does not preach or give an opinion about anything. Even its ending opens a debate.

Its a must watch for those who like to watch movies which make you think hard. But do mind the content :).

Movie revolves around its main character Brandon who is quite a successful man living and working in new york. He is a big time sex addict. His home and office pc are totally packed with porn stuff. He is actually shown jerking off even in office. He isn't those wham bang - thank you mam types either but a very passionate man who likes everything very slow and perfect. Barring his sexual addiction he is quite a lovable character otherwise who likes listening to music, going out with his colleagues and friends, does not endorse the idea of marriage and is quite content and happy with his life.

His life changes when his troubled sister joins him for couple of days without giving him notice. She is a singer and is shown singing a posh restaurant too. He isn't in good terms with her and loses his freedom too once she comes over. No background is given to audience of their past or childhood. Problem starts when his already married boss meets her and they even make out on his bed in his presence. She even finds out and knows of his sex addiction and wants to help him out of it too. Brandon tries going out on a date with his colleague but it doesn't work. One day he even takes his colleague out to a hotel but he couldn't have sex with her and finally does it with a sex worker in the same room.

He even tries to get out of his addiction by throwing all of his stuff - even his laptop in trash but just cudnt come over it. Finally he gives up and goes for it big time. In last scene which is the most lethal of all he is shown having oral with a guy and a threesome with two females. He finally gets up and realizes about his fight and fall back with his sister but by the time he reaches home its too late and she had already cut off her wrists like she tried couple of times earlier. He ends up saving her and right when we think its all over - looks like it doesn't. Even the ending opens up a debate when he is shown seeing a married female on train and his eyes follow her movements.

Its a classic one time watch which gives you a true insight on a sex addicts life. See it to believe it.

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