Monday, April 16, 2012

Before Sunrise (1995)

Some movies sweep you off your feet and take you in a different world altogether. This is one of them. A different experience and such a smooth ride that you wish it should never end. But just like all the other good things - it has to come to an end.

Two beautiful strangers meet in a train and hook up together for a day just like that. They end up talking about everything under the sun. Their personal lives, behavior, world, beauty, strangers, music and everything else which keeps happening during the vienna exploration that they do. Its such a spontaneous cake walk that you just can't help but fall in love with them. Just like they don't realize when they fall for each other - you too don't. Before going their separate ways to their regular life with a promise to meet again same day in six month at same place. They promise not to call or write each other. Will they ever meet again?? Need to see the next part to know that.
I must have seen this like 5 times by now. But every time I see I make a bond more stronger with the characters. I am even trying now to get a hair cut like ethan ;). I know - I won't look like 1/10 of the dashing guy. And julie delpy is just awesomely beautiful.

We so many times meet so many strangers during our course of journeys that this feels very natural. What if we get to know of any of those strangers? Would that change our life in anyways? Would we still have the same life if we ever take a day off our regular life and do something difference. It makes you think hard and take stock of your own life too. I like that. I'm sure the director must have got the idea from one of his own travelogues. And what a wonderful way he has put it up.

Its a must must watch for all drama cum love story fans.
You will be hooked big time.
Do not miss it - if already not seen.
You don't know what you are missing.

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