Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anna Karenina (2012) - Drama

The last of the lot of Nominated @ Academy category – this one turns out to be a surprisingly good one for me, as I’ve always been a Keira Knightely and Jude Law fan. Nominated in four categories – I am sure it’s definitely taking the one at least for those fantastic costumes. I always find them a little outrageous as its amazing how all those years these guys lived wearing those irritating uniforms, Yikes! Bubbly Keira is too good in Anna’s role and amazing is the way how she enacts those fantastic expressions, Jude Law although in a very limited screen presence yet is terrific, I did not like that Vronsky guy one bit. One great thing about the movie was the way they have shot this – half of it was shot as if it was a drama on stage with background and scenes changing right in front of the audience – that was too good, I found it pretty nice concept. Having read the story in my early college days – I exactly knew where it is going and how its all going to end still the movie holds too good and I was totally engrossed in it. Even with little more then two hours – it’s a breeze and I didn’t realize how fast it comes to the end. If you like period dramas with fantastic story told in a totally awesome way – do not miss this.

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