Thursday, January 24, 2013

Silver Linings Playbook (2012) - Drama

I love this Bradley Cooper guy big time since his “Hangover” days and what a fantastic movie cum opportunity to prove his worth with this one. Totally awesome movie with a damn good message – what a treat it was with Rob De Niro and Anupam Kher sharing screen space in one hell of a movie which gets half a dozen nominations at Academy. I am sure it will definitely pick up a couple if not for leads – now that’s something which is debatable as per me as I did like Jennifer Lawrence but couldn’t love it for some reasons. It’s a simple story of Pat (Bradley) suffering from Bipolar disorder, how his life gets screwed and how he works it out for himself, his family and friend, succeeding in the end is told in a damn good way. It was actually heartening to see how two people cut off by the sane society come together to rescue each other from their problems is totally rocking stuff. And the way Bradley and Jennifer played their parts was too good. Robert De Niro will always remain my favorite – he does again what he does in a way no one else can come any closer – the good part was even Anupam Kher gets quite a decent footage and is a very likeable character that remains etched in your memory. Dunno why Wiki is calling it a comedy / drama – I will certainly call it a drama cum thriller to say the least. not to be missed by anyone – it’s a must watch for all as it gives a damn good message – we should all learn in today’s time. Hope it gets its due at the Academy.

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