Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kon Tiki (2012) - Adventure

Another damn good movie nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy this year and what a treat it was as I got a damn good DVD print. It surely isn’t coming to our part of the world any sooner hence I had to do this and I am glad I did it, even wifey loved it big time and both of us were hooked to it for the most of 120 of its running time. A maverick ethnographer sets on a journey to prove his theory that people from South America drifted and settled in Polynesia around 1500 years ago. When his research and theory which takes him 10 years in writing isn’t picked up and accepted by anyone in the society, he leaves his wife and two kids alone to do this with a handful of people. What follows is a visual treat and a solid adventure on board a small hand made raft using old original techniques that too in the year 1947. They travel a distance of about 6900 KM in about 101 days across Pacific Ocean. If your idea of a perfect movie is an adventure trip like that – you are going to love this one big time. What an amazing journey and the way it’s all shot, awesome cinematography and fantastic narration. It became one of the most expensive as well as most the highest grossing Norwegian film ever. Not to be missed by adventure movie lovers – it’s a total treat.

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