Thursday, January 24, 2013

Django Unchained (2012) - Epic Western

What do you do when your favorite Director makes a movie after almost 3 years since his last release? You just wait with bated breath for the same and see it a couple of times before you recommend it to anyone else. One Word – Brilliant – which comes to my mind with almost every passing 10 minutes into the movie, so much so that I actually end up watching it exactly two and a half times in last 24 hours only. Fantastic is the word for Quentin Tarantino – he always keeps coming up with fundoo movies and keeps bettering his work with every new movie that he makes. I have actually lost count how many times I have seen “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill” movies and almost all of his dozen or so movies that he Directed – even the ones that he has written are no less than brilliant movies. Django Unchained hasn’t released in our part of the world yet but I couldn’t resist but get a copy as soon as I could and finally I get my own fantastic but a little more than two and a half hour of sheer cinematic fun.

Undoubtedly every character (even the horse) will make you fall in love with himself so much so that by the time it ends, you will actually refuse to accept that it’s over and will put it back again to enjoy it even more in second viewing. I guess with two brilliant actors on screen together – you can only concentrate on one and second times you watch the other guy. FANTASTIC is the way they talk, walk, dress, their facial expressions, background score, the way they shoot, I bet your hands will move to the side of your pockets as if you have a gun hanging in there and you want to take it out and shoot the bad guys yourself. This is a brilliant piece of cinema that we (Our Generation) will keep bragging for years to come, trust me on that, dying to show it to my dad who kept feeding me those cow boys’ movies of his time that we loved so much. Now we have something of our own times that too is equally good if not better. NOT TO BE MISSED by anyone AT ANY COST.

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