Monday, January 28, 2013

Race 2 (2013) - Hindi Drama

First big release of the year that too released on a long weekend – it was bound to get rave reviews, became our second of the year on big screen. What a fantastic movie this turns out to be – if one can live with Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, Sajid Khan type of cinema – this is way too good than all those put together – I will keep Rohit Shetty out of this sequence as his movies are at least one notch above them. I will still call Race 2 as WTF movie of the year as it has so much to offer in a platter that it confuses you big time – still you surprise over 2 and a half hour long Drama (at best) with 17 twists, 34 shocks (Not actually) and 68 double crossings – yet no one dies in the end – would you believe that? If I tell you – just because I am sure Abbas Mastan has already planned a sequel to this one a couple of years down the line. We had a rocking laughing time watching the funniest movie of this year (yet) as finding fault in this one is actually an insult of the word itself. Trust me when I say this – you’ve gotta see this on a big screen guys! Trust me on that seriously, not for one moment you feel its going anywhere and no offence to any Abbas Mastan and their genre of films fans – I have no idea who are their actual audience for whom they have made this classic. As every 10 minutes you have a twist, shock and double crossing and they do take pains of explaining it too so you should not get confused and move on with the story. Obviously with so much of skin show on display – you will definitely miss out on story hence the explaining works. I had no expectations from Jacqueline and Ameesha but Deepika made our eyes pop out as she walks in straight from the sets of cocktail – even a dress in one song is exactly same.

One hell of a movie with an awesome star cast, I guess people who have seen this will agree here that Nawab Saab (Saif) looks way too better than the so called King Khan and age is definitely not catching up with him. But the most dashing guy in the movie with least screen presence is my personal favorite Aditya Pancholi (as God Father) – hell yeah and he pulls it up with full style. This movie I will call the first of John where he broke our hearts big time – me and wifey both are fans of his good looks and body – here they botched it up so bad that he is at his worst – I mean – look at those chipped lips, almost no make up and no classy looks – yet he is one of the super rich guy. How sad that is of the Directors to do that to him. The less said the better of Anil Jhakkas Kapoor – at his irritating best. I will definitely not talk about the chases and heists they perform as that will like adding insult to injury – you’ve got to see it yourself so you too can have a laughing time (on them) rather with them being performed. Its simply a WOW movie and a must watch for all especially on big screen – I guess it has already made more then 50 crores in last 4 days – thanks to our 160/- too. Do not miss this at any cost.

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