Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) - Adventure

A very few Movies and Directors fulfill the expectations of their audience when it comes to making a sequel or a prequel as in the case of this one. Being a fan of Peter Jackson school of movies (Read LOTR trilogy) – I have seriously lost count as how many times I must have seen them all, I just couldn’t miss this but I feel like a criminal today to miss it on big screen that too a superb 3D. I had huge and I mean HUGE expectations from this one and what an amazing treats this was – totally rocking stuff. Right from the opening scene to the very end – I felt at home. Not for one moment it made me feel that its dragging or something wasn’t required, it made me smile from ear to ear, was totally hooked to the screen and story the way its narrated, visuals are totally out of this world, creatures – some you love some you hate but cannot be ignored for sure. Although a little predictable by half time but by the time it hits the climax and those awesome action sequences – I am sure it must be double the fun on 3D still a damn good enjoyable fare on a regular 2D version. This became another movie which kept me asking for more like any of the movie from LOTR series – waiting for the next outing very eagerly, I am sure its DVD and Blue Ray’s will be a grand success and they are even releasing a 3D BR version pretty soon. If you liked the LOTR series – you are surely going to love this one and the following two movies which I am surely not going to miss on the big screen at any cost. Totally rocking stuff and a good 4 stars from my side. Do not miss it – if its still running in your area and if you are a criminal like me, at least get a DVD and watch it.

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