Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hitchcock (2012) - Biography

One of the most awaited movie of 2012 for me was “Hitchcock” based on a very important but a brief chapter from the life of one of the best and my favorite Director “Alfred Hitchcock”. It shows us the most turbulent time of his life and relationship with his wife while making one of the most acclaimed movies “Psycho”. The master of Suspense / Thrill and Horror – no one can beat him when it comes to Suspense and Horror for sure. I can never forget those days during my early college days when we discussed horror movies and my dad always challenged us to see “Psycho” on big screen someday. I saw it in mid 90’s in a film festival in Delhi and it was one hell of an experience as the hall was jam packed initially and within the first 45 minutes at least a good 2/3rd had already stormed out. It was an amazing movie – I must have seen it like a dozen times since then and I love to mention it again that it still gives me chills whenever I see it again even to this day. This movie is a treat for all Hitchcock fans rather a double treat as no one else could have played the character any better than the way Anthony Hopkins does it. I actually couldn’t recognize him for a moment at the very start of the movie, initially I thought Anthony is overpowering the character but right in the first 20 minutes I was convinced what I saw on screen was actually Alfred Hitchcock and not Anthony Hopkins. The way he talks, walks, drinks, eats, makes faces, reacts, almost everything is simply superb and outstanding. I had to actually Google to see how similar he looks to the master. Amazing job.

Helen Mirren

The Movie: Starts in 1959 after the average success of “North by Northwest” – another fantastic film by Alfred Hitchcock, a reporter questions him if he is going to retire or still make movies. How he reacts and what follows is an amazing journey of how he picks up another subject and turns it into an all time classic hits. What happens to the book he plans to adapt as a movie and the final script given to the team? Check it out, you will love the treatment. What all happens in his life like the production house backs out, he had to mortgage his own house, fight with his wife for the same, he himself wasn’t sure of his success for the same. The movie gives quite an insight on the life and times of Hitchcock; I am shocked and amazed that how come no one has reacted to all those facts and figures mentioned in the movie. While casting and making the movie they have said and quoted so many things and commented so much about so many actors, I wonder how they would react if they were / are still alive. One of the best part of the movie is when they shoot that first legendary murder sequence – will not spoil it for you here – you should see it to believe it. Another high of the movie is the very end – totally loved the sequence when Alfred waits outside the theater for audience’s reaction to the final cut and how they respond. I bet – this scene will make you breathless and it will make you stand up and clap for the master. I so much wished to see this on big screen – dunno when they are going to have this in our part of the world. This is one amazing movie and a must watch for all the Alfred Hitchcock fans, you are surely going to love him more after seeing this one. 

The less said about the cast the better because they have picked up the best of the best for the same – Anthony Hopkins is too good as Alfred Hitchcock, a damn good and perfect choice, everything about him is so perfect, I wonder how Academy skipped to Nominate him – that’s a crime that they have done. No wonder – even the original Hitchcock never got an Oscar anyways. Helen Mirren is apt as his wife and plays her part damn well too, she is one of my favorite females and it’s too good to see her couple of times a year in the movies still. Scarlet Johansson and Jessica Biel as two ladies in the movie “Psycho” were good. I liked the lady who plays Alfred’s assistant in office, the chief of Paramount and quite a few more actors – they do leave a good mark on your memory for sure. All in all it’s a damn good movie and one that should not be missed at any cost by Hitchcock fans specially.

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