Thursday, January 24, 2013

SkyFall (2012) - James Bond Movie

It was payback time for me since my dad was here in town with us on a short trip and during my Jr College days, he had shown me a good number of Bond movies on big screen and this became our third movie together with Daniel Craig in lead. What an amazing experience it was to see the new age bond do all those stunts that his time’s bond would not even dare to dream. Also, this became another of those movies where you eagerly wait for the villain to come in and make you fall in love with the negative character. I for sure will remember Skyfall more for Javier Bardem than for Daniel Craig and the rest of the team. Totally awesome character and kudos to Javier for that flawless performance – loved every minute of his presence on screen.

The very first sequence of the movie is so breathtaking that the money you spend on the ticket is paid back to you in double – even if you walk out of the audi right after it finishes with bond shot by his own colleague and left to die. What follows is a cat and mouse game between bond and bad guys – finally coming to a conclusion with another heart breaking death of one of the most loved characters of Bond Franchisee. It’s a crime to miss a movie of this magnitude on big screen and I am glad that we finally saw it. Not to be missed by anyone – you love him or you hate him but you simply can’t ignore him. Check it out guys as I await its Blue Ray DVD launch to make it to my permanent collection of Bond Movies. Dunno how long we need to wait for another outing. This was worth all the money I could spend on a great action / thriller movie.

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