Thursday, January 24, 2013

Les Miserables (2012) - Drama / Musical

Unfortunately Musicals were never my cup of tea – barring a very few movies – the best I saw and loved totally was “Mamma Mia” – ABBA being one of my favorite groups – no doubt it had that magic on me. Saw it so many times, loving it even more with every viewing. This unfortunately never worked for me, even after having a couple of my favorite actors like Hugh Jackman (I haven’t forgiven the X Men series makers for the fiasco in the last part), Russell Crowe, Anne Hathway (Cause of her even wifey saw it for like half hour) and my all time favorite comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. I had to see it because of them and the nomination at Academy but I never had a connect with the story or any of the characters and even the soundtrack wasn’t too pleasing – my personal opinion. No offence to anyone who got a better idea of the movie but for me it was quite a tedious watch. Dunno how academy is going to treat the nominations and I will be totally surprised if Hugh Jackman gets it – I so much want him to win it anyways. Give it a try – who knows it may appeal you. Yesterday I realized why my history teacher was cursing me as I gave no attention to her subject – I guess if I had given it a slight attention, who knows, this movie could have made more sense to me.

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