Friday, January 25, 2013

Lincoln (2012) - Historical Drama

Another movie which reminded me of our beautiful history teacher and makes me regret why I never paid any attention to what she was teaching in the class. Hence this movie too makes no sense to me although I realize from other reviewer’s point of view that this was one of the most important chapters of American or shall I say world history as this is the period when the acclaimed 13th amendment was passed abolishing slavery. Whatever! Still it makes up for a fantastic watch with those fantastically picked up actors who fit in their respective roles too well. I am sure Daniel Day Lewis is definitely picking up the Best Actor trophy unless they decide to give it to my personal favorite Hugh Jackman (Les Miserables). In any of those cases I will be too happy. Daniel I guess looks exactly like the real Lincoln for sure, I was shocked to see the similarity in the opening scene itself, the way he has enacted the character is totally awesome. One of my favorite actors – Tommy Lee Jones although in a short role still he leaves a big mark plus he indeed make me smile from ear to ear yet again, I so much love him. The entire movie was shot only in two months and still Steven Spielberg has done a wonderful job yet again, I am sure he is definitely picking up a couple of trophies this year at the Academy. My only grudge with the movie is – why cover only one chapter – why not a little more on the guy, I am sure I would have loved it more had it given a little more insight on Lincoln’s life and times. Still it does leave a big impression of him on you through the movie if nothing else. I will highly recommend it to those who love period dramas – this will certainly make you happy. Not for one moment it makes you believe that it was close to two and a half hour long.

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