Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flight (2012) - Drama

A good movie was long due for Denzel Washington and this does just that to him, at least I loved it totally and I am sure – nobody and I mean nobody could have played this role the way he does with style and conviction. The first half hour you will be hooked to the action and rest of the movie – you will be sitting with clasped hands to see how it all ends and by the time it ends – you start loving his character so much so that you wish it had ended on a better note. That’s when you praise Robert Zemeckis (One of my favorite Directors – Forrest Gump / Castaway / Polar Express etc) and Denzel Washington – this looks like a cake walk for him. The way his character is written and played by him – it makes you debate the happenings in his favor, I saw it with a friend and we actually paused it – discussed it and replayed it. Fantastic story of a very experienced pilot, high on coke and alcohol who saves a screwed plane by crash landing it and saves 96/102 souls in it. What happens next is something you shouldn’t miss. I will give it a good two thumbs up and at least a minimum of 3 good stars. Seeing Denzel Washington coming back with a bang – straight an Academy Nomination is too good. Hope he recovers from here and signs up some more good ones than the crappy one’s we’d been watching for last one decade or so. This one shouldn’t be missed by anyone loving thrillers especially Denzy fans. You will love it, don’t miss it.

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