Monday, January 28, 2013

Inkaar (2013) - Drama

Sudhir Mishra yet again in quest of making a different movie like he always does and shocks, impresses, pleases his fans – he made this and confused them thoroughly, at least he did that to me. As I have no idea how it ends or was it an open ended film with whatever I believe could be the ending, whatever – two good things this movie did – one the hottie Chitrangda got another movie to her credit and looks ravishing hot in this one, I am certainly checking it out for her again soon once the original DVD is out, if only he has kept a straight camera and not RGV style – it would’ve made it look her more beautiful and two – Arjun Rampal is definitely getting better by the day (or movie) shall I say, Awesome job by him. If rumors were to be believed – he is getting proposed for a national award for this one – dunno how true that could be. Story of an over ambitious woman who lives her life on her own terms and can sacrifice anything for success and how is the movie all about. Yet another movie which bites the dust and has no takers even in the very first week – I was shocked to see Sudhir Mishra strolling lazily in a suburban multiplex / mall and no one – trust me – no one was trying to come any closer to him. Unfortunately I hadn’t seen the movie till that moment hence I couldn’t muster enough guts to waste one minute of his time so I too skipped those terrifying eyes and attitude of his. It’s a damn good movie for those who like subjective movies – with so many of them made in other countries which do not even get a proper release yet get great critical acclaim – this will be trashed again just because of the Director. If drama is what you like especially one room drama’s – check this one out – you will like it. I will definitely give it a good 3 stars for the handling and performances by the cast.  

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