Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dabangg 2 (2012) - Hindi Action

I guess when you have least expectations from a movie – it turns out to be a good one. Same thing happened with Dabangg 2, I wasn’t too keen on checking it out anyways since all the movies with “Leave your brain behind” idea are back to back same. Fortunately this one turns out to be a good one as far as Debut of Arbaz Khan (Director) goes – it’s too good from all the standards. I totally loved the Father Son relationship and fantastic is the way Salman and Vinod enact the characters. I can definitely see it a couple of times more just for both of them. Sonakshi again is totally wasted in that thankless role, dunno why and what she is proud of in Dabangg series – she has hardly any role or even footage. I was prepared to just smile on the jokes but shockingly they had me in splits especially the one’s played on Arbaz, totally rocking comedy. Another thing I would like to mention is the action which is fortunately in right quantity – not too much and not too less, thank god they didn’t go overboard like they do in Rohit Shetty movies. It’s a damn good one time watch if nothing else, I am certainly up for second viewing and will rate it better than Dabangg The Original.

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