Thursday, January 24, 2013

Freelancers (2012) - Action

What a great let down in the name of De Niro and Whittaker in one movie together – trust me – I almost dozed off waiting for the ending and had to rewind it to see how it ends. This as per will be the weakest movie with De Niro in it – wont even call it a nice one time watch as it offers nothing new or extra ordinary – its like watching something which makes you feel “been there done that” a dozen times. Ignore, if you haven’t seen it yet – you are not missing anything great and if you have seen it – lemme know if you liked it, I will be shocked to know that anyways.

50 Cents getting that kindda footage and attention was a little shocking for me, the one thing I liked about the movie is Gangsta Background score, wished they let that play throughout the movie.

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