Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Sessions (2012) - Drama in real life

If you have seen Javier Bardem’s “The Sea Inside” and loved it – you are definitely going to love this one too – big time. This was like taking “The Sea Inside” one step ahead – story of a poet who is paralyzed from neck down, hires a Sex Surrogate to lose his virginity. What happens next is a very detailed but heart touching account of the same, one that will make you smile, laugh, think and a lot of other emotions too.
The best part about the whole movie was the sessions between Mark O Brien (John Hawkes) the patient with Cherly (Helen Hunt) the sex surrogate, even his sessions with Father Brendan (William Macy) were too good – they will certainly rock you off your chair laughing.

PS: Being an American movie this has full frontal nudity as well as a couple of sex scenes – all done in good taste – yet it may be a little too much for some. So beware when and with whom you watch this with.

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