Thursday, January 24, 2013

Table No. 21 (2012) - Hindi Action

Another movie with a great scope bites dust for me because of lousy handling and almost no thrills whatsoever. I expected so much with such a nice premise but it falls flat at best I will call it an average drama as right from the very start you exactly know where it is going and by the time it ends – you actually say “Oh yeah? I knew it already, it happens all over the country”. What I like about Rajeev Khandelwal is that he isn’t one of those guys who are signing movies left right and center, taking one at a time and giving it his best. Totally loved him in “Amir” and “Shaitan” even this movie holds itself cause of him and partly because of Paresh Rawal’s presence. Although he is villain here yet you just can’t help but love his character. Unfortunately it never works like a thriller but with a different story you do give it some attention, if only the handling was a little better – it would’ve been a superb thriller. Still with almost 120 minutes running time – it does makes up for an interesting watch, I am glad that they have started making movies like Hollywood and soon they will have some good ones in similar lines. A good two stars from me.

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