Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Bourne Legacy (2012) - Thriller / Action

I will call this one the weakest of the series – if at all we consider it a part of Bourne series. WOW, I kept waiting for the thrills which unfortunately never arrived barring the last 20 minutes of the movie which was its high point but by that time I had lost interest big time and was waiting for it to end anyways. I am glad that I missed it on big screen not so long ago and was cursing my friend for not making it on time to the theater and we had to drop the idea. It wasn’t worth wasting your hard earned money on a movie like this. Fortunately I like Jeremy Renner but here he looks totally out of place as comparison with Matt Damon is inevitable and I am doubly sure Damon must have laughed big time on this one. Although it did made quite handsome money on the BO but still will be forgotten in no time by the fans of Bourne Series. Unless they plan to make the whole series again with new stories and Jeremy in lead. Give it a miss if you haven’t seen it – trust me – pick up any of the earlier parts and enjoy it; I am definitely going to check one of them soon to change the bad taste given by this one.

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